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Per style private files

Submitted by nk on Thu, 2012-02-02 20:31

Private files are great but they are a huge resource hog. In certain scenarios, lower-resolution versions of the pictures are absolutely fine to be public, only high resolution originals need to be protected. In this case you can use Drupal's private file handling as it is and the following simple trick to make a style public.

In your Drupal root:

  1. mkdir -p system/files/styles
  2. cd system/files/styles
  3. ln -s /absolute/path/to/the/directory/containing/the/private/files/styles/stylename

Apache will see now the "private" file as a real filename (because Drupal's htaccess contains Options +FollowSymLinks) and happily serve the file without going through Drupal.

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Submitted by Forest Monsen on Thu, 2012-02-02 21:11.

chx this is an interesting hack! It is very easy to set up, I will grant you that.

I find when troubleshooting access issues with Drupal that the more "outside of Drupal and Apache" tweaks there are -- like symlinks on the filesystem -- the harder it can be to track down a problem, and when migrating content, I usually use rsync's "archive" mode (-a), which copies symbolic links as just that: symbolic links.

Now, a single symbolic link might not trip an admin up, but making a practice of it could become a problem. So I would suggest Apache's <Directory> container to accomplish this.

Submitted by Ammyjames on Fri, 2012-02-10 12:29.

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